Our Software Tools

Our software tools were carefully tested by accredited measurement laboratories. These tests confirmed high accuracy of the simulation results compared to the measurements.

Single Wire Tool:
The Single Wire Tool simulates the heating process of electrical single wires under current load and allows their dimensioning. It is characterised by a clear user interface with the results displayed in several diagrams. Furthermore, it offers the option to select cable parameters from an integrated database. Additionally, the computation results of the Tool can be exported for further processing.

Shielded Wire Tool:
Following the development of electromobility, the transport of large amounts of electric power becomes more relevant. For this purpose high-voltage cables are used, which feature a current carrying shield and other insulating sheaths. The Shielded Wire Tool simulates the additional dependencies in an efficient and exact way.

Multi Wire Tool:
The Multi Wire Tool calculates stationary worst case temperatures in cable bundles. Its direct access to the Single Wire database makes it very convenient to compose cable bundles with existing cables. In addition, thermal power losses and voltage drops in each single cable are calculated. This tool is used in particular for the thermal simulation of cable bundles in harnesses.

Data Wire Tool:
The Data Wire Tool calculates the heating behavior of cable bundles. Here it is possible to select any single wires and groups of single wires, for instance twisted pairs, and combine them into bundles. In doing so, the individual load of every single wire can be chosen. Besides bundles of data wires with a typically high number of small cross sections, the Data Wire Tool can also calculate the heating of cable bundles from other application areas, like for instance in underground cables with a smaller number of large cross sections.

With this tool you can assemble contact systems with a modular selection of connectors, housings and connecting cables and analyze them. The K-Module enables fast and accurate calculations of temperatures, voltage drops and power losses in contact systems for constant and time-dependent current loads. The results are displayed as axial temperature profiles and derating curves.

With the Current Profile Generator, short CPG, one can produce and manage current profiles for time dependent load scenarios. The profiles can be read in by the Single and the Shielded Wire Tool. Additionaly the CPG helps with the conversion and validation of external data formats. The Current Profile Generator ensures that the current profile is compatible with our software tools.

On request we would be glad to send you test versions of our software tools. For more information you may contact us under info@physsolutions.com.