Physical Software Solutions supports you in the following areas:

Thermal and electrical analysis of complex systems
We use the Qualified Model Reduction QMR or the Finite Element Method FEM for the thermal and electrical analysis of cables, contact systems, fuses, battery systems and other electrical connection structures and consumers.

FEM Multikabel
Radial temperature distribution of a bundled cable calculated with FEM
axiale Temperatur
Axial temperature distribution in a HV cable with varied current strengths and ambient temperatures calculated with QMR

Determination of material parameters by inverse thermal analyses
We can help determine potentially unknown parameters of insulation and conductor materials, such as thermal conductivities, heat capacities and emissivities, based on temperature measurements of electrical components.

Reference measurements
On request, PSS provides measurements from accredited measurement laboratories for the validation of calculation results.

Optimization of electrical systems
PSS can create analyses for weight reduction, shape, material and cost optimisation of electrical systems in development (e.g. vehicle harnesses), taking into consideration the rated temperatures and voltage drops.

Signal deconvolution and filtering of fuzzy measurement data
PSS can filter or restore sensitive information from a fuzzy measurement, such as the trigger time of fuses.

Determination of downtimes and FIT rates of electrical components
PSS investigates the ageing behaviour of electrical components at given thermal, electrical and mechanical loads and provides forecasts of corresponding downtimes. We use these investigations to evaluate failure in time (FIT) rates of these components.

Development of customer-specific software tools
All services mentioned above can become the core of a custom-made software tools created by PSS upon request. This approach is particularly suitable for frequently recurring problems.

If you are interested in physical modelling and simulation topics not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us at